A note to The Kid from our dog Barney

Barney and The Kid
One year ago on the day after Christmas, my Mommy and Papa came to the Michigan Humane Society to adopt me.  Mommy saw me on a website (I still don't know what that is), thought I was cute and they came to meet me.  I was so nervous, I peed a little on the floor when they met me.  But they must have thought I was cute, because I went home with them that day.

When Mommy and Papa told me they were adopting a human puppy, I thought they were going to come right home with you.  Instead, they came home crying.  I thought they were sad, they said they were happy.

When they brought you home the first time, I thought you were a little strange.  You didn't have much hair (I don't know how you stay warm!).  You walked on all four legs like I thought you would but you didn't go outside to pee.  You had this thing on they called a diaper so you wouldn't have to go outside.  And just as I was getting use to you, they took you away.  You came back to visit a lot so I could start to get use to having you around.

Now Mommy and Papa say you're a permanent member of my pack, which I think I like.  You steal my toys and pull my hair, which I don't like but you make up for it by dropping Cheerios from that special seat they call a high-chair.  I think we should rename it the magical food chair!

Anyway, I hope you like it here.  I think you will based on the way Mommy and Papa have treated me in my first year as their adopted son, partially because they do a lot of the things for you that they have done for me.  They like to kiss my nose and cuddle with me.  Papa still likes to pick me up and show me what's happening outside, he seems to like doing that with you.  Mommy sits on the floor and plays with you, just like she does for me.

I don't know if you have been outside when this white stuff Papa calls snow is on the ground, but it is the coolest thing I've ever seen.  I love to play in it!  Last year, when Papa and I were on a walk, this weird stuff he called salt got built up around my paw and it hurt so bad, I didn't want to walk anymore.  Papa called Mommy and he carried me across the softball field at Wayne State so Mommy could pick us up.  They do stuff like and that's how I know they love me.  I think they'll be doing a lot of that for you too.

Just remember, when you're sad, I'm here for you.  I don't always understand you but you're a part of my pack and you can always cry on my shoulder.

Barney the dog (as translated by Papa)       

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