Lessons learned and remembered

We are just putting the wraps on our second weekend as The Kid's parents.  Getting her ready for bed seems to be taking longer lately, mostly because I think she's afraid she is going to be missing something if she closes her eyes.  So I had a little more time to reflect on what I've learned about her since she came home and some of the things I've remembered from all the time I spent with my cousins when they were born.
  • Little ones, especially when they are under a year old, feed off of the emotions of the people around them.  My cousin Logan seemed to know when I was frustrated and tired, which would upset him, making my night longer.
  • The Kid has a different cry for every occasion.  There is the, "how dare you take that from me, I wanted it," cry.  There is the, "I'm so mad, if I knew how to speak, I'd curse you out," cry.  And there is the heartbreaking thermonuclear cry, when she's so tired and upset that she just can't be comforted.  
  • I'm especially glad that I remembered not to hold The Kid above my head after she eats under any circumstances.  
  • I dare you to find something on this earth that smells worse than a poopy diaper.
  • Kids love routines.  My cousin Adam use to wake me up every morning around 10 a.m. for his "second" breakfast.  He would sit on my lap while I tried eating my cereal, which eventually turned into me giving him half my cereal each morning.  
  • Thomas the Tank Engine is still cool, even if he is a little cheeky.  
  • Kids will put anything into their mouth, including dog toys.  In fact, I think kids are genetically predisposed to putting all dog toys into their mouths.  
  • I dare you to find any sound as joyful as The Kid shrieking with laughter.  It's like a treat she gives me just for being her father.   

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