I don't mind boys following The Kid around like lost puppies

There is a little boy at daycare that loves The Kid.  Every morning, he runs over to her to pat her on the head, then follows her around the room like a lost little puppy.  When she has enough, she pushes him away.   

I have joked with the staff in her daycare room that I'm going to start looking for convents for her soon. So when this little boy started pursuing her, the staff told Gladys about it and joked that they better not tell me or I'll send her to a convent for sure.   

Now, he is a nice kid.  He's very polite, quick with a wave hello and goodbye whenever he sees me.  He pats The Kid gently on her head as a standard greeting.  He's about the same age, he lets her do most of the talking and seems to hang on her every word.  In short, if he keeps this behavior up around my daughter for the next 20 years, I might not dislike him.  

But they are 16 months old.  So I worry. 

When I dropped The Kid off for the day on Thursday, I received my usual greeting from her little friend and she took off as he was trying to get her attention.  One of the staff joked that I probably shouldn't watch, and I responded that I didn't mind.

My words at the time were, "I don't mind him following her around like a lost little puppy.  It's when she starts following the boys around like a lost little puppy that I have a problem."  I had to repeat this for the staff that didn't hear me the first time.  

They think I'm funny because I'm already looking out for my daughter.  And I'm already starting to worry.  She's cute and feisty, a combination that will keep this Papa up at night for many years to come.       

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