To my daughter, today is your parent's wedding anniversary

Momma and Papa on one of our first dates
To my daughter,

Today is the fourth anniversary of your Momma and Papa getting married. It's a day we both cherish because it solidified our commitment to build a family of our own together, which lead to us adopting you. 

I know someday you'll ask us what our wedding was like (I still owe your Momma a more fairytale-like wedding than our trip to Toledo), and you will wonder how we met (pub crawls are not necessarily bad things if you keep your wits about you). What I hope you ask me is when I knew your Momma was special. 

I was certainly intrigued the night I met Momma. She had a sharp sense of humor, beautiful eyes, a smile that still captivates me and she made me feel completely at ease. But it was the night after the pub crawl that I knew she was someone extraordinary.

First of all, I felt no hesitation in texting her the next morning, breaking every dating rule that I'd heard from friends the previous few years. We then hopped on the phone that night and spoke for almost an hour, and it was the most effortless conversation I can remember. Keep in mind that I hate talking on the phone and rarely do so, even with the people closest to me. Finally, we met at the Bronx Bar later that night after she finished some studying. 

What I learned about your Momma that night was she has a compassionate soul, keeps her family in the forefront of her mind and actions, she is an earnest worker, she has an artistic streak that still needs an outlet and she is dogged in her pursuit of knowledge. I don't remember much about what time our impromptu date ended that night, although I know I tried a grilled cheese sandwich with tomato slices cooked into the sandwich for the first time. I do remember thinking that she was someone I could see a future with, and my future has included her since that day.

This might sound odd to you because we aren't your birth parents, but the day we met you, you reminded me of that first real date with Momma. You both have beautiful eyes that are more expressive then the words that leave your lips. You both have smiles that melt hearts. You both can be slow to warm up to people but when you love, you love with all your heart.  

Life as a couple hasn't always been easy for your Momma and Papa, the state of our first apartment is a testimony to that. But it has been loving and together. And our lives have become better with you in it. Today isn't just a happy anniversary for your Momma and Papa, it's a happy celebration of our family. I'm already looking forward to next year. 

Love, Papa

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