Toddler teeth are sharp, I have the bite mark to prove it

Most days, The Kid is absolutely adorable and today was no exception. But sometimes adorable comes with a price, especially when she is frustrated.

Gladys was getting ready to take her to the Detroit Zoo, while I was getting ready to study for the class I'm taking and visit Grandma as she recovers from a broken rib and pneumonia. While Gladys was getting dressed, I was trying to occupy The Kid so Gladys could get ready interruption free.

The Kid and I had been chasing each other around our apartment for most of the morning, so I made the choice to leave the baby gate down. Instead, I thought I would just get in her way when she decided to run down the hall. I positioned myself so two steps in either direction would completely block her path.

Foolishly, I thought she'd find it a fun game. I took one step over, she grabbed my leg and laughed.  She tried to run around me, so I stepped over to block her path. I received a laugh and a slap, which I interpreted as playful. The third time, she grabbed my leg like she was going to hug me, which is normal for her. Except, she decided to lead with teeth first and chomped down hard on my left thigh.

We both started screaming loudly enough for Momma to come running to find out what happened. I was shocked, The Kid was mad and Momma was amused.

Needless to say, I learned a hard lesson today. A frustrated toddler has teeth that are sharp enough to break skin. I have the bite mark to prove it.  

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