When is Nick Jr. going to start giving dads a chance?

Nick Jr. has really ticked me off lately. They started messing with their morning lineup, and now I can't watch Little Bill before work anymore. And I'd much rather have Ni Hao Ki-lan or The Fresh Beat Band on the television than Max and Ruby.

Regardless of what's on, starting Friday mornings, they promote the daylights out of their NickMom project. I've tried watching a few of the programs to get what the deal is, and I don't understand how the vapid comedy displayed on Parental Discretion with Stefanie Wilder-Taylor stays on the air. 

Sadly, the show is better than Take Me To Your Mother, which is borderline offensive because of her premise that she's an accidental mother who doesn't want to raise a jerk. First of all, how do you accidentally become a mother? Or do the show's producers think we're all rubes? On the subject of jerks, do boys automatically come out of the womb as a jerk? Also she's very clearly bothered that her son is a jock, although I haven't figured out how you can tell if a toddler is a jock. Just because he likes throwing a ball means nothing, all toddlers like throwing everything that isn't attached to the ground. 

Certainly moms deserve programming that's for them (although I'm not the only one who is rubbed the wrong way by NickMom), but what about dads? Where are the shows by dads for dads that talk about being a dad on Nick Jr.? With all the talk about the need for fathers to be more involved, couldn't the network do their part in promoting healthy parenting by males?

So I'm asking the programming staff at Nick Jr. to give me a chance. I'm a dad who became one very intentionally, and I'm a dad who asks a million questions of the dads he trusts. I'm a dad who will dance with is two year-old in the middle of a restaurant to put a smile on her face. I've hosted a show before, albeit on a much smaller stage. 

I know I'm being a little cheeky, but come on Nick Jr., please give dads a chance!

P.S. Here are some samples of my work: 

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