Struggling to make sense of the fascination with hair

There is more to the hair debate than just white women wanting to touch my daughter's hair. And no, it's not just tousling her hair, it's the full-on groping that I am leery of.

Three pieces of content have resonated with me lately. An article about the scrutiny Beyonce and Jay Z have found themselves under over Blue Ivy's hair caught my eye. It reminded me of the day The Kid came home from daycare with ponytails in her hair for the first time. I was upset because I took it as an employee at daycare thought we didn't know how to take care of our kid. After reading this, and many other articles about the reaction to natural hair on a black kid, I'm inclined to think I was right in my assessment.

Anyway, Americans of all races are oddly fascinated by the hair of a black woman. This video series is a fascinating look at the reactions of people to a film project aimed at letting people touch the hair of black women. If you are new to the discussion, take the time to watch both videos. And by watch, I mean pay attention to the people interviewed as they speak, not just listen to the words they are saying.

  Did you find these as captivating, frustrating and enlightening as I did?

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