A hug and an apology is just what this Papa needed

I'm not a big fan of the phrase terrible twos, mostly because I don't find much terrible about a two year-old. Sure, potty training can be gross and a small person with an incredibly hard skull head-butting you because she still hasn't figured out how to manage her emotions isn't fun. But regardless of how rough things can seem, two year-olds have an amazing ability to do something so cute that you forget just how frustrating they were just a few minutes ago.

Tonight was a great example.

Six nights out of seven, The Kid marches right up to the sink to brush her teeth. If you haven't already put the toothpaste on her toothbrush, she'll wrestle you for control of the toothpaste, but that's about as contentious as it gets.

Unless you caught her on the right day, and today was that day. She refused to start brushing her teeth, instead she decided that her toothbrush was a chew toy and started chomping on it. No amount of cajoling could get her to start brushing like a growing-up kid, so I started brushing her teeth for her.

After a bunch of tears and a few slaps to her Papa, The Kid walked away with clean teeth. Then she went with Mama to go to bed. A few minutes later, she came out to apologize. This is how our conversation went:

The Kid: Papa, I pologize for hitting you.

Me: Thank you baby. You know if you don't hit, you don't need to apologize?

TK: No Papa no. You no pologize. I pologize for hitting. (Throws arms around my neck). 

Me: I love you.

TK: I ove you too Papa. Okay, good night Papa!

May the good habits she forms now last the rest of her life!

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