Splishing and splashing to memories of Ema the Great

These aren't Ema the Great's but they are 
Zenith Allegro 3000's just like we had at the farm.
I was giving The Kid a bath tonight because the combination of sand and sidewalk chalk was just too much grit for me to take. As is our bath-time routine, I grabbed her, my phone and my Bluetooth Jambox, and headed for her bathroom.

As she was splishing and splashing, I started streaming a classical relaxation channel and something from Johannes Brahms began playing.

I don't know what it was about the song but Ema the Great immediately came to mind. She loved listening to WKAR because they were Lansing's classical music station, and she took great pleasure in listening to the station at a ridiculously loud volume whenever she was home alone. I then chuckled at the memory of taking baths at her house as a kid.  She refused to give us more than an inch of lukewarm water to bathe in, and I could hear her scolding me for being wasteful in the amount of water I used for The Kid's bath.

It's been a year since Ema The Great passed away, and I was happy to have another reason to smile about my memories of her.

Photo credit: Vintage Asylum


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