Did she eat a baby? The tale of a conversation with The Kid I'd like to take back

Every so often, I say something to my daughter I wish I could take back. Usually, it's a poorly timed reference to ice cream or some other treat. Another one of those conversations happened last weekend, leaving me to facepalm myself for my own big mouth.

But, this time, it wasn't about a treat. It was about a baby shower. Our conversation went something like this.

Me: Okay kiddo, are you ready to go to a baby shower? 

The Kid: What's that, Papa? 

Me: It's a party for grown ups who are going to have their first baby. Don't worry, no one will have to take a shower at the party. 

TK: (excited) There will be a baby there? 

Me: No. 

TK: Where is the baby?

Me: The baby hasn't been born yet. The shower is before the baby comes.

TK: Where is the baby?

Me: In the mommy's tummy. 

(Insert long pause here, as my daughter ponders what I just said and I start cursing myself for saying something stupid.)

TK: Did she eat a baby?

Me: No. 

TK: How did the baby get inside her tummy?

Luckily, we were almost at Cafe Con Leche Nord, so the conversation was coming to a natural end anyway. I really don't remember how I got out of the rest of the conversation unscathed. But I know, at some point in the near future, my daughter will ask me again how babies get into mommy's tummies and I better have a good answer. 

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