I never expected to see Frabby in that room!

My sister decided to give The Kid a four-foot tall stuffed frog for Christmas last year.

Christened Frabby, this frog was an immediate hit. The Kid and Frabby were inseparable for weeks. Frabby rode along a few times on the trip to take The Kid to pre-school so no one would be lonely.

After a few months, Frabby started changing. The frog was no longer a he but a she. Then Frabby started having behavior issues, with The Kid frequently in distress because the frog wasn't listening and putting Frabby in time out for hitting some of our other stuffed friends.

As a defensive measure, the adults in our house would try hiding Frabby, which worked for a time. But The Kid is a good finder, just ask her, and Frabby would be back in the mix after a few days of peace.

With all toys however, attention wanes, and Frabby's Most Favored Stuffy status was eventually revoked. Lately, Frabby has been content hanging out in the living room and watching our neighbors through the bay window.

Grandma picked The Kid up from school a little early last Thursday, usually a sign of a good evening. They had a great evening, exhausting both grandma and pre-schooler. After putting The Kid to bed, I went into the half-bath off of our living room before sitting down to watch a little HGTV. That's when I saw this:
Admittedly, I was a little startled. No one expects to see a four-foot tall stuffed animal on a toilet. But then I started laughing. That's when Grandma remembered to tell us that Frabby had issues with loose bowels and had created a terrible mess in the living room. In her haste to clean up, The Kid put Frabby in the one logical place she could think of to keep the frog from making a bigger mess.

I love my daughter!

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